How do I know if my AC filter is dirty?

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How do I know if my AC filter is dirty?

Since the summers are very irritating in Adelaide, you need the best air-conditioner to fight against it. However, at times, you feel that the system is not providing cooling up to your satisfaction. But it is not essential to call an expert that provides repair and maintenance of air conditioning in Adelaide to troubleshoot. You can check some easy and simple things first. So that you can get the colling performance back to normal.

One important yet easy thing you can do is clean AC filters. Just by cleaning them you can get the required cooling again. In reverse cycle air conditioning Adelaide, the problem of choking air filters is less common. Still, you need to check them periodically.

How will you find out that the filters are dirty? Here are some signs that will show that.

4 points to find out that the filters are dirty

Ups and downs in temperatures

Even if you feel that there is a slight change in the temperature, you should open the filters and check whether they are clean or not. Normally, dirt and debris get accumulated after some time and air cannot pass through them. When it happens, cool air cannot be circulated in the home. There is no need to call Adelaide air conditioning solutions. Just clean filters and your problem is solved.

Higher electricity bill

Once you install air-conditioners from air conditioning contractors Adelaide, you should expect higher cooling at a lower electricity bill. But, when air filters get choked by dust and dirt, it puts pressure on the air-conditioner. The compressor starts repeatedly, and your power bill goes higher.

You need to check the filters and clean them. You will realize that the efficiency of the system is back and a reduction in the power bill.

You see an increase in allergic symptoms

Since air filters accumulate dust, dirt, and pollens; not only it affects cooling performance but also increases allergy and allergic symptoms. The pollutants circulate in the house, and you might get affected by allergic ailments, e.g., cough and cold, irritation of eyes and skin, and fever.

If you feel that the filters are congested, then you should clean the air filters.

You find dust near air vents

If filters are choked and get filled with dust, then you can check them by observing air vents. Is there dust near the vents? If yes, then you should check the air filters. There must be dust accumulated on them.

Clean the filters if you find dust near air vents.

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