How Do I Choose A Good Solar Company In Brisbane?

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How Do I Choose A Good Solar Company In Brisbane

Though various parameters determine the “goodness” of a solar company, experts say that it should always be certified by the Clean Energy Council. It is a qualification that gives you confidence about a safe installation. It indicates that the installer is trained and expert. Once you decide on solar power Brisbane and begin your search for a service provider, you are supposed to check for some qualities to choose a good solar company.

Cost is The First Criterion

Yes, because money drives everything. solar installers Brisbane ask for an installation fee and other charges based on several factors. Since it is a system that is critical, you need to be careful about the quality, performance, and cost. You must get what you pay for. A low-cost system has some drawbacks. They are offered as super cheap power deals, but there are many hidden costs. To arrive at a reasonable ballpark figure, you need to check various installers. Compare their service levels and money asked for.

Maintenance & Warranties

Your solar system Brisbane would last for many years. Therefore, it is important that it works efficiently, without any trouble. Typically, there is a drop in the efficiency at one percent every year, the supplier should give a written performance guarantee. Also, you should get an unambiguous maintenance contract. The system requires regular maintenance to keep it running at the optimum level. All products have a 10-year warranty minimum. Inverters carry a warranty of five years. However, you can get an extended one for another five years.

You must ask about the parameters to check the system performance. How to determine whether it is working fine or not. Some installers have a service scheme where they come and check the health of the system. They ask nominal money for it. solar panel installation Brisbane must be done by some experienced company.  It is essential because the work is technical. You need people who are competent and seasoned.

Customer Care

Your installer should keep a good relationship with you after installing the system. It ensures that the problems are resolved fast and in a mutually beneficial manner. Always assign the work to a compatible contractor whom you are comfortable with. All your questions should be answered well. There should be knowledgeable people, who know the technicalities of it. When a good system is installed by a good service provider, it gives you fantastic results!

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