How common are termites in Adelaide?

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Termite Control Adelaide

Termite Control Adelaide

Termites are highly destructive timber pests. They can cause major structural damage to commercial and domestic buildings. Surveys say that around one-third of unprotected properties are subject to attack by termites.

When most homes are at risk of termites in built-up urban areas, the better thing is to call a termite control Adelaide specialist. Proper identification is essential for professional pest control. Before starting pest control directly, one should get the building inspected.

There are many species of termites in Adelaide. Some of them are common in Adelaide. Let’s have an introduction of common species.

Coptotermes Acinaciformis

These termites are prevalent in urban areas. They are highly destructive, especially for buildings and timber structures. Statistics say that almost 70% of damage is done by them. Therefore, one should take them seriously.

They build nests out of sight, completely underground. Apart from the main colony nest, they build subsidiary nests also.

To control these termites, one needs the expertise of pest control Adelaide service.

Coptotermes Frenchi

These are common termites found in urban areas. They cause severe damage to buildings constructed of softwood or Oregon timber. They devour timber frames and leave them up to a thin veneer. When disturbed, they can quickly create a new locality.

They build nests in the root crown or lower trunk area of living trees.

Nasutitermes Exitiosus

They are commonly found termites in urban areas. They can also cause serious damage to buildings and structures. Sometimes, they cause more damage than other notorious species.

They build a mound nest. It protrudes 30 to 70 centimeters above the ground. It makes termite control easy. By chopping the top of the nest and applying insecticide, they can be controlled. It has to be done by an expert company that offers termite monitoring control Adelaide.

Heterotermes Ferox

They are found throughout the country. Especially, in the areas where Eucalyptus gum trees are in a large number. They cause more harm to damp timbers. Hence, poles, fences, and other wooden structures that are exposed to water are their targets.

They need to be identified near stumps, logs, or other timber in direct contact with the soil.

Dampwood termites

They form small, independent nests that attack dead or sick trees. Seldom, they are found in dry timbers in the building.

Termites are creatures with acute survival instincts. If they are disturbed, then they quickly abandon the area and move on to some other place.

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