How Can I Avoid a Criminal Conviction?

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How Can I Avoid a Criminal Conviction

Is it mandatory to record convection for an offense? Is there any way one can avoid it? Well, if you ask criminal law experts, then they confirm the possibility. In Australia, there it depends on the discretion of the sentencing court whether or not a conviction to be recorded. Since there is a discretionary nature of the principle, a lawyer can seek the possibility of avoiding the recording of convection. An expert lawyer always has better and brighter chances of doing that. As far as the penal code and acts are concerned, a court will consider certain considerations to determine the conviction. Some of them are listed below:

  • The nature and seriousness of the offense
  • The age and character of the offender
  • Impact on the Social and economic well-being in case there is conviction recorded
  • Impact on the possibility of finding a job by the offender in case the conviction is recorded

When a lawyer Adelaide or a team of lawyers work on a particular case, they decide what advice to be given to the client.  They decide what submission to be made to the sentencing court. These measures ensure that the discretion is exercised in favor of the client.

How To Avoid A Criminal Record?

You are supposed to engage one of the best criminal lawyers to have all charges struck out at the first hearing before the shreds of evidence are called. When you engage a criminal lawyer, he pleads not guilty on your behalf. He can also assist in being found not guilty by the judge, jury, or magistrate. It depends on the nature of the charge, though. You need to call the criminal lawyer Adelaide to get the diversion recommendation. It is a two-step process. The first step is to obtain recommendation, and the next step is to convince a magistrate or judicial registrar to get the diversion. In the case of being found guilty by a magistrate at the first instance, you have to get engaged with a good lawyer to assist you in lodging an appeal to the court. There is a second chance of applying in the country court when coming from the magistrate’s court, you should always remember that. There is the only exception to this rule when the matter is related to infringement warrants. Thus, it is quite possible to avoid a criminal conviction if you meet a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer.

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