General Information on Skips and Their Hire

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Skip Bins Hire Adelaide

What is the easy way of getting rid of waste from your home, housing complex, office or industry? It is hiring a skip bin service.

Are you searching for a service but don’t know where to start from?

From size to shape, service parameters to terms and conditions; the aspects are many.

Here is some general information that will lead you to the best service provider.

What are the various sizes?

It is essential to pick the right size because the large size will not use the capacity fully and the small size will require frequent clearing.

The appropriately-sized bin gives value for money.

Many skip-bin hire services offer free advice. You can give the requirement details and they suggest what size is appropriate?

A cubic yard-what is it?

You must be amused that despite the metric system is in place from a long time, still the bin sizes are measured in cubic yards.

Yes, it is strange but true. However, the calculation is simple; a cubic yard is a cube that is 3 feet long, 3 feet wide and 3 feet high.

To make it simple, it is around .9 meters from all dimensions (or slightly less than a meter on all sides).

What types of wastes do skip bin removal services accept?

You have to get the specifications from the skip bin service. They tell about the things they accept and the things they don’t.

Every skip bin provider has a list of acceptable and non-acceptable items. You must read it carefully so that there is no confusion later.

It is not a good thing to hide forbidden items under acceptable stuff. The waste material will be sorted and segregated by the service provider and it may cancel the contract if you violate the terms and conditions.

There is one more thing; when you hire a skip bin service, you are responsible for the contents of the skip. Hence, don’t allow others (neighbors or others) to throw their waste in your bins.

How will you keep the cost under control?

  • You should hire the bin of appropriate size.
  • Find a skip bin hire service that is the least expensive one.
  • Sign the contract for a longer term which is usually cheaper.
  • Decide the skip collection frequency based on the amount of waste generated.

Hire a local service instead of some big service provider. This information covers all relevant information about skip and their hire.

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