Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems: Which is better

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Gas vs Electric Hot Water Systems: Which is better

Electric hot water systems Adelaide and gas hot water systems both have been there in the market for quite some time. Both have different properties and utilities. It depends on your preference which one will you choose.

Sometimes, the focus is on the cost. Sometimes, a greener choice is preferred by people. Sometimes, its availability and repair and maintenance are prime considerations.

Here are some considerations before choosing a Gas hot water system Adelaide or an electric one.

Here is a comparison of both based on some major aspects and decision-making points.

What are the cost differences?

As far as pure operating cost is concerned, a gas hot water system is certainly cheaper than an electric one. Yes, its installation cost is more, but looking at the saving every month, you may consider it. Statistics says that one can recover the cost within two years. Then, after this time period, the savings kick in.

However, if the use is not very high, then you may consider an electric hot water system. It is because the installation cost is not high and every month you will not spend much on electricity.

For a gas system, you need specialized people that have proper certification and insurance. You need plumber Adelaide, who can ensure the right water pressure and flow.

Is it a new installation or a replacement?

What is your existing hot water system? Is it a gas-operated system or an electric one? It is an important thing because you will have to consider the replacement cost. Usually, replacement cost is higher if you switch from one system to another. And it is true for both sides. It is because they are fundamentally different. Therefore, right from plumbing to the electrical supply, everything is different.

What is your expected time of usage?

It means, for how many years will you be using the system? It is a key part of your decision. If you are planning to live there for more than 5 years, then installing a Gas hot water system Adelaide will be the right choice.

If you are going to live there for less than 5 years, then better install an electrical hot water system. Not only its installation is cheaper, but you will spend less in hot water repairs Adelaide as well.

Thus, the decision is not very simple, but it is not very crucial either. You can make the decision by comparing both systems and deciding your priorities.

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