Five steps to protect your home from termites

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When you see small piles of yellow powder while cleaning the home, it indicates the presence of termites. According to experts, it is important to take effective steps for Termite Control Adelaide before it becomes havoc.

Once termites start breeding and feeding in your house, it is really a gigantic task to get rid of them. There are two reasons behind it.

Firstly, termites are tiny in size. Another thing is, they remain hidden underneath the layers of wood. Hence, you do not even sense they are there in the house.  By the time you know, they cause considerable damage and settle down in big colonies.

Carry out frequent inspections and find out the places where termites are hiding. You can try these five steps to keep them under control.

Five steps to keep them under control

Make sure your house is free from moisture

Humidity and moisture create an environment suitable for the breeding of pests, including termites.  Hence, keep it free from excess moisture. You will keep termites at bay.

You need to buy a dehumidifier. It will help.

During summers, air-conditioners keep the humidity levels under control. By keeping it continuously on, you can maintain low temperature and low humidity.

Stop all leakage

You need to pay attention to the leakage or decay in the house. Decayed walls and roofs are the ideal places for pests to thrive.

Stop the leakage and perform a regular inspection. In the basement or dingy corners, you should give more attention. Since we tend to overlook these places, they attract termites.

Basements are riskier because they are close to the ground. That makes it easy for termites to settle down and breed.

Remove all clutter

The more unwanted things you pile up, the more space you create for termites to multiply. Also, a cluttered home is difficult to work for professional pest control specialists. Useless papers, old magazines, cardboards, wooden logs, etc. should be removed.

Keep wooden things away from the ground

The soil and wood should not be in contact if you want a termite-free home or garden. The distance should be at least half a meter. Thus, you reduce the possibility of a termite attack.

The best idea is to use cement or stone to separate soil from the wood. It is like a physical barrier for termites.

Use termite repellent

Use of a good-quality termite repellent will keep them away. It can be sprayed or painted on wood before priming or painting. You can apply paint and primer once the termite repellent dries.

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