Five Common Problems With Your Spa Pump Repairs

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Spa Pump Repairs Adelaide

What is the benefit of having a home spa? Well, it is a fantastic way to socialize and relax. Also, it is a fun-filled way of having moderate, low-impact exercise. To ensure that the spa functions correctly, it is essential that the electrical components function well. There are jets, heating elements, filtration equipment, and lighting. However, the most vital part is the pump. When it becomes old and glitch, it is mandatory to call a repair service to correct the problem. What are the most frequently occurring problems with the spa pump repairs in Adelaide that force you to call a technician? Here are the top five such problems.

#1 Failure Of The Pump

When you switch on the pump, and it doesn’t respond, it means there is something wrong with either the pump or the controller. Mostly, it is an electrical fault that can be resolved by an electrical service person. If the pump is functioning, but the water doesn’t flow, then it is because of trapped in the pump. It happens when you run the pump dry or run it after refilling the spa.

#2 Weird Sounds

Is there any change in the sound of the pump? Or an increase or drop in the noise level? If these symptoms are there, then it is time to call an expert. Humming noise and no water flow indicates the electrical fault. When there is a squealing or rumbling sound, then it indicates a bearing failure.

#3 Drop In The Water Pressure

A drop in the water pressure means the pump is not functioning with 100% efficiency. You should call the technician & get the problem diagnosed. Wear is usually the most common issue. Pressure also drops due to the accumulation of debris.

#4 Leakage

Plumbing is another critical aspect of a spa system. If there is water leakage, then it may become a reason for electrical failure also. Hence, turn off the system as soon as you find out the leakage problem. Call the best repair service provider & get it resolved.

#5 Error In The Spa Controller

Do you have a digital display spa controller with some touch pad? If some fault occurs, then the control system or water heating system or water temperature system might fail. Since it is a complex digital system, you have to call an expert to correct the issue. It is essential to address the problems immediately.

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