Expert Tips On How To Build Your Own Fencing In Adelaide

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Why do you need fencing? It provides security. But that is not the only reason you should have it. A well-built fence increases aesthetics and curbs appeal. Your home looks pretty. It could be a private fence, wooden fence, a split rail, or any other type. To build the perfect Fencing Adelaide, you need to know about its construction and need careful planning.

The easiest way is to call any of the expert fencing contractors Adelaide. You can also do it in-house.

Want to know a few tips for building your own fence?

Plan the fence well

You should have a permit before you start building the fence. For that, you have to ask local authorities. Are there any restrictions? You will likely need a permit before you build your DIY fence. Check local building codes concerning fence restrictions such as height and location. For example, backyard fence height is often limited to 6-feet or 8-feet. Always choose the best building material while building Fencing Adelaide.

Take measurements and layout

You should take accurate measurements so that the fence you build becomes perfect. Once you draw straight lines around the house, mark fence post locations. Use spray paint for that. The spacing of six to eight feet between fences needs to be consistent.

Dig holes

Once you mark the spots, use any tool of your choice to dig post holes. Make sure that the tool you use is one-third as deep as the post is tall. For example, a one-meter high post needs a thirty centimeters deep hole. Check with the local authorities if any utility lines are running below the ground.

Put concrete

After you dig all holes, you need gravel for the base of the hole. This ensures proper drainage. You need a tamper to make the gravel even. Now use any good-quality concrete mix and position the post in the middle of the hole. Fencing Contractors Adelaide uses industrial quality concrete. Do not make any hurry to install the fence before the concrete sets.

Attach rails and pickets

Once all the poles get settled, now is the time to attach wooden fence rails or panels. Use deck screws or nails. After fixing all the rails, attach the pickets to the rails.

Treat the wood

Apply good-quality wood preservatives to prevent rotting. If you are using pressure-treated wood to build the Fencing Adelaide, then it does not need further waterproofing.


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