Enforcing Custody and Child Support Orders

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Enforcing Custody and Child Support Orders

Child custody

When there is a family dispute, both parties have to follow the orders of the court. A custody order or parenting plan and child support plans are the orders issued by the court.

Though a divorce lawyer in Adelaide tries his best to get the best benefit for his client, it depends on the discretion of the court.

These two orders are to be adhered to by everyone.

As far as the compliance of these two orders is concerned, there are three choices. You should discuss this with your child custody lawyer in Adelaide to decide the best choice.

Work with the other parent

If possible, then you must reach out to another parent before escalating it. You can consult family lawyer in Adelaide to send a letter via registered mail. Nowadays, you can send an email also.

Whether you send a written letter or email, it should clearly state that they are violating the order and how can they correct the situation. It is important not to retaliate when the other parent does not follow their part of the order. More importantly, you should demonstrate that you are capable of handling the responsibility better.

It is also possible that parents agree to modify an order so that they can follow it. The court has the authority to modify it.

Go to court

When a parent continually struggles to follow custody or support orders, he may find the best way to get things back on track is by going to court.

Actually, it means going for a contempt of court charge. Therefore, always speak to the lawyer about that. These cases may have criminal proceedings. Therefore, you may have to hire a criminal lawyer in Adelaide.

Both parents can make arguments and present evidence. You need to bring supporting documents like a report of denied parenting or extra parenting, a custody journal that gives all infractions, and so on.

At the end of the hearing, the magistrate will make a ruling.

Call the police

Police can enforce child custody when necessary. Hence, one can approach them for help. It is needless to say that the family lawyer Adelaide has to be informed.

Police are most likely to enforce custody in emergency circumstances. For example, when the other parent withholds your child from you. Some states have very strict regulations against intentional violations of custody order. Therefore, you need to check the state-specific rules before going to the police.

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