How Ducted Air conditioning Work?

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Amongst various air-conditioning systems, ducted air-conditioning is the most efficient one. It is useful in homes, offices, business houses and industrial premises also.

Using one system, you can keep different temperature levels in various areas of the building. For example, the bedroom temperature can be set cooler than the living room. Or the kids’ room can be kept warmer than the guest room, and so on.

The dusted air-conditioning system is ideal for big houses with more than three bedrooms. It allows full control of the temperature inside.

You can combine it with a dehumidifier system to reduce the amount of moisture. It gives maximum comfort.

How Does a Ducted air-conditioning system Work?

A ducted air-conditioning system funnels cool air from a central unit. A series of ducts flows the air to every room.

You can control the airflow by dividing the area into zones as per your need. Thus, you can keep the house warm in winters and cool in summers.

When do you need a ducted AC?

  • You want to have complete control over temperature and zone.
  • You don’t want to damage the things because of high humidity.
  • You want an even and smooth flow of air during chilling winters or scorching summers.
  • You expect a high efficiency of air-conditioning.
  • You want a noiseless air-conditioning.

Some important components of duct air-conditioner

A duct air-conditioner is a complex system that has various parts or components. You should have the fundamental understanding of it.

#1. The air-conditioning unit

It could be a heating or cooling unit, as per the requirement. The unit collects cold or warm air by using a fan and uses the heating or cooling system to change the temperature.

#2. Insulated ducts

Once the heating or cooling unit changes the temperature, it moves to various parts in the home. The air is pushed to the circulating system made from insulated ducts and pipes.

#3. Vents and registers

Vents and registers register the warm air from the pipes and inducted ducts. The size and number of vents and register depend on your heating or cooling requirements.

#4. Grilles

What is the purpose of grilles? They circulate the air back to the heating or cooling,replacing the hot air with more cold air and vice-a-versa.

#5. Thermostat unit

It is quite an important component in the air-conditioning system. It stops and starts the compressor unit as per temperature settings.

Since the compressor doesn’t run all the time, you do not get a heavy power consumption bill.

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