Do It Yourself Tips For Grout & Tile Cleaning

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Want to know the secret of having spotlessly clean-looking walls, counters, and floors? It is simple, just clean the grout. Stains and dirt do not accumulate on tiles because of their smooth surface. However, grout is porous and rough. Therefore, spills and dirt accumulate on it. Mold, mildew, and soap make things worse. Once it gets stained, No matter how much clean the tiles are, you do not get a ‘clean’ feeling. How to get rid of awkward-looking dirt and stains on the grout? Here are some DIY tips.

Wipe Down The Grout First

You need hot water to remove surface dirt and grime. Take some good cleaning solution and spray it on the grout. If the ready mix is not available, then make it by mixing vinegar and water in equal ratio. Spray it and let it stand for some time. Take an old soft toothbrush and scrub the grout gently. Never use a metal brush as it will cause scratches on the surface. Rinse using hot water, and there you have sparklingly clean grout. Commercial grout cleaners are also good, but you should read the ingredients first. If it contains bleach or caustic soda, then use it sparingly. Frequent use of such cleaners may erode the grout.

Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Stubborn stains are caused due to not cleaning the grout for a long time. You need special efforts for that. Make a paste of baking soda by mixing it with water in the ratio of 1:2. Apply the paste on stubborn stains and leave overnight. Now take a nylon scrub and clean it softly. Rinse using hot water. Marble tile cleaning Adelaide require special attention and care. To clean the grout of marble tiles, make the vinegar solution further dilute. A mixture of Peroxide and baking soda in the ratio of 1:2 will be useful in cleaning marble tiles.

Sandpaper can be used for removing stains from grout. Gently rub a folded piece of sandpaper along the grout line. You can use a pencil-top eraser also. Rinse with hot water. After cleaning the grout, let it air dry for at least one day. It is better if you keep it for two-three days. Once it dries fully, put on a silicone-based sealer so that further stains can be prevented. The sealer has to be reapplied every two years, or earlier, depending on how frequently it gets dirty. These tips will keep the grout shining clean.

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