Naturopathic Medicine: How It Is Similar to and Different From Conventional Medicine

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Naturopathic Medicine

Difference between Naturopathic Medicine and Conventional Medicine

What is the difference between naturopathic medicine and conventional medicine? You won’t believe, but a majority of the people do not know about it.

A naturopathic expert is trained in clinical nutrition and functional medicine. When people think about naturopathy, they start comparing naturopathic medicines and conventional medicines.

Allopathic medicines or conventional medicines follow a different approach. Allopathic doctors diagnose and treat disease after examining or ordering some tests such as laboratory studies or X-Rays.

These tests determine which ailment is present in the body.

Once the ailment is determined, the doctor prescribes the treatment. The objective of the treatment is to either cure the problem or keep it under control.

Fundamentally, conventional medicines believe on two assumptions:

  • When symptoms are there, the disease exists.
  • When medicines are given, people are helped to improve their life to treat the ailment.

When you sit down and consider the viewpoint, there could be several consequences. When a person doesn’t have a disease, then hardly anything can be done.

The life of a person has to be improved by following general measures. The approach of allopathic medicine doesn’t involve disease prevention.

In conventional medicine, preventive measures are very limited. They simply advise general lifestyle improvements.

It is a treatment method that assumes that people will develop a disease eventually if they do not make necessary lifestyle improvements.

Lastly, conventional medicine follows an approach of controlling the ailment. Hence, practitioners also have a controlling view of human psychology.

Instead of achieving homeostasis (the process of balancing itself), Allopathy follows the approach of regulating constantly.

It leads to giving medication to correct every physiological function that goes beyond the permissible limits.

How does naturopathy medicine different from the conventional one?

The approach and ideology of naturopathy are entirely different. It doesn’t look at an ailment as an entity. Rather, it considers a disease as physiology that is twisted in some self-destructive pattern.

It is the reason; naturopathy understands the cause of disruption and treats it.

The treatment is given to cure the problem and not the symptoms because naturopathy believes that there could be similar symptoms of multiple problems. Hence, the diagnosis can be misleading.

Hence, it is mandatory to find out the inherent cause. Naturopathy medicines don’t disturb the natural balance of the body. Thus, we can see that the approach and style of treatment are totally different. It is because the fundamental ideology is different.

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