What is the Difference Between Car Air Conditioning Regas and Service?

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Difference Between Car Air Conditioning Regas and Service

Many people consider the terms “Regas” and “Service” synonymous. However, they are not. This blog tells you about their difference.

Regas or recharge

If there have been several repairs car air-conditioning system has been carried out, then a complete recharge or regas is needed.

The replacement includes all major components like accumulator, compressor, dryer, receivers, and so on.

Recharge is required after having a procedure that allowed outside air to enter the system, e.g., fixing major leaks.

To perform the regas procedure well, you need to evacuate the system to remove all moisture and oxygen. After that, a precisely measured quantity of refrigerant is added to the system.

You need an appropriate quantity of lubricating oil also. When it is added to the refrigerant, the moving and rotating parts run smoothly.

Nowadays, a special type of dye is used that shines under UV light. You can spot the refrigerant leaks later without any difficulty.

Air-conditioning companies recommend regular inspection and servicing of the system to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

If the system is running under warranty, then specific checks and procedures should be carried out to keep the warranty intact.

Complete servicing

Here are the details of a full servicing session.

  • A thorough visual inspection of the whole system is done, which includes a drive belt, hoses, pulleys, and condenser.
  • A suitable scan tool is used for performing a diagnostic check of the system.
  • The low and high pressures of the system are checked so that leaks can be identified. Based on these readings, it is decided whether you need replacement or recharge of the refrigerant.
  • Operation of the control switch, pressure switch, blower motor, thermostat, and compressor clutch are checked.
  • The temperature of the condenser is measured when the system is running.

If it is found that the low and high temperatures are within the specified limits, and no refrigerant leaks are found, then there is no need to add the refrigerant.

However, when these values go haywire, you must add the refrigerant.

Adding refrigerant unnecessarily will have a negative effect on the reliability and operational efficiency.

Therefore, a thorough analysis is required before you decide about it.

Choose the perfect service partner

To achieve great results, you need the right service partner. You can make use of the Internet to search the perfect service partner.

Always read the remarks or reviews to assess the service quality.

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