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Criminal Defence Strategies

A criminal defence strategy followed by your lawyer depends on what your defense attorney finds about the prosecutor’s plan. If the prosecutor builds a scene where the defendant was at the scene of the crime, your defense attorney will focus on laying down a different story that will show that the defendant was not there. The criminal defence lawyer Adelaide strategy also depends on the way the defendant acts and responds to the questions posed by the prosecutor. When the defendant and the defense attorney present the story that is based on the truth, it is called the best defense strategy. A story depicted in a better light might lead to a conviction on a lesser charge or even not finding guilty at all, or at least it leads to a plea bargain.

How Does The Criminal Lawyer Plan a Defense Strategy?

The criminal defence attorney collaborates to decide the strategy that works the best after understanding the story from the criminal defendant. It is not as simple as just telling the truth. It should be based on the defendant’s story and other provable facts. Even in a case of confession, the defense lawyer ensures that the theory is based on the truth and it shows the defendant in a better light. It helps the lawyer to offer a plea bargain to a lesser charge.


The defence strategy planned by a criminal lawyer Adelaide is based on coaching where he conducts mock sessions with the defendant multiple times. Thus, the defendant memorizes the theory. The lawyer might take the defendant to important crime scenes to refresh and stimulate memories. The version of events is written from the point of view of defendant. The defendant is informed about several pieces of information about the case so that he knows about the evidences required.

Talk to The Criminal Lawyer to Know About The Strategy

There are many strategies that defense lawyers follow. The strategy that is used for you depends on the nature of the case. Only the criminal defence lawyer is in a position to tell you about that. Whatever strategy you follow, it has to based on the facts and information conveyed to the lawyer with complete honesty. If facts are hidden, then it might lead to an incorrect conclusion. The best thing is to discuss the facts with your lawyer and derive a strategy that results in winning the case.

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