Common Garage Door Problems and Solutions

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Common Garage Door Problems and Solutions

Statistics say that a garage door is opened and closed more than 1500 times in a year. As a result, they will inevitably malfunction. The issue could be simple and straightforward or complicated and costly.

In any case, analyzing the trouble is typically simple. Despite this, many homeowners are unable to recognize problems initially. A skilled garage roller door repair company in Adelaide can thoroughly inspect your door and find any hidden issues.

Below are some common garage door issues and their possible remedies

Noisy garage door

Loose parts and inadequate lubrication are the main reasons for garage door noise. You can often rectify the problem by tightening the screws on all exposed parts of the door and applying lubricants to the rollers. If you notice any loose springs, contact professionals immediately since these can be dangerous.

The primary causes of a noisy garage door are loose parts and insufficient maintenance. Often, the issue can be resolved by lubricating the rollers and tightening the screws of the door. Contact experts right away if you see any loose springs because they can be dangerous.

If the door is old and outdated, then you should call a service provider that offers gate automation in Adelaide.

Remote control or switch do not work

When your remote controls and wall switches aren’t working, check the batteries first. They might be discharged or grounded, and you may resolve the problem just by replacing them. You must ensure that the wiring is intact if there is a wall switch to operate the garage door. Are there any desoldered wires? Solder them and reconnect. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, reconnect the wires once, and then test the switch.

When you are unable to resolve the issue after your best effort, then the right thing is to call a company that performs repair and maintenance of garage roller doors in Adelaide.

Sagging of garage doors

Garage doors have the strain of years of opening and closing, therefore, they begin to droop. They start sagging and move far more slowly. To fix the drooping doors, tension rods are used by experts. However, it could be better to think about replacing the door with a modern design. Thus, the door will operate easily and also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. It is especially required for doors that need frequent maintenance. You need to call a company that supplies modern garage roller door in Adelaide.

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