Why does my commercial fridge get too cold?

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Are you using a commercial refrigerator in your business? It can keep things cool, regulate temperature and keep your products fresh.

You must understand that there is a big difference between domestic refrigeration and Commercial refrigeration in Adelaide.

There are many commercial refrigeration companies that have been providing commercial refrigerator maintenance in Adelaide. They can resolve all your problems and serve your needs.

Ideally, your refrigerator should keep things cool. The outside layer of commercial refrigerators should not be felt cool.

Why is your commercial refrigerator freezing?

When the outside layer of a commercial refrigerator feels too cold, you should sort out the problem immediately.

Either you can resolve the problem yourself or you might need to call an agency that offers service and maintenance of Commercial refrigeration in Adelaide.

But, before you dial the contact number of the repair company, you need to find out what could be the reason behind the freezing of the commercial refrigerator.

Improper setting

Is your commercial refrigerator having a single temperature control gauge for both refrigeration and frozen sections? To check the right settings, you should read the user manual. See that the setting is proper. If the temperature is low, then the temperature of the refrigerator drops low.

The best thing is to keep the setting to “Medium” or the recommended temperature to see if the temperature returns to normal.

Dust on the Compressor Coils

When your compressor coils are dirty, your compressor has to work extra so that the refrigeration solution can be pumped into the system. If your refrigerator is too cold, then it means your compressor might be overcompensating. Thus, the commercial refrigerator gets cold.  Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris from the compressor coils at the back of your refrigerator unit.

Leak of air

There is an assumption that when the air leaks, the temperature of the refrigerator rises. But the reality is different.

Commercial refrigeration technology keeps the interior temperature at a specific level. If an air leak causes the temperature to drop, the refrigerator will freeze if you run it continuously. When you fix an air leak in your commercial fridge, the best thing is to call the refrigerator maintenance team that provides service of Commercial refrigeration in Adelaide.

Air Duct is not positioned well

Sometimes, commercial refrigerators get too cold because the air duct is not positioned properly. The duct is used for keeping certain products colder than others. When you position it incorrectly, the entire refrigerator gets cold.

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