Car Battery Tips For Every Owner

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Car Battery Adelaide

A car battery Adelaide is an essential part of your car. It starts your vehicle, charges the phone when you drive, powers all electrical devices, and keeps the car running. No wonder, it is considered the most important thing to keep the battery in the pink of its health. You should know when to start thinking about replacing the battery. Also, you should know when to extend the lifespan of it?

What is The Average Of Your Car Battery?

Well, there is no set rule about it. Several factors affect their performance & life. However, the average age is between five to seven years. You should read the manual given with your battery to know the estimated lifespan. Weather conditions, driving speed, and maintenance are some factors that influence its age.

Here are some tips that every car owner must know:

  • Do you drive the car less frequently, and the distances are also short? If yes, then you run the car with the risk of not charging the battery fully. Instead, take the car to a long drive. If you feel that the car is not needed often, then buy a portable battery charger. It will be useful to jump start the battery.
  • Make sure that the battery is securely fastened so that there are no vibrations. When the battery is loose, there is a possibility of internal damage and short-circuit. Check battery terminals regularly. It is essential after driving on bumpy terrain.
  • Make sure all lights are off, and electrical gadgets are not running when you exit. The most common mistake is keeping the headlights on, which puts a heavy toll on the battery. Though modern cars have an alert system that doesn’t let you keep the lights on, you need to remember it if it is not there.
  • Do not let the battery terminals get corroded. The key is to keep them clean from buildup. It extends the life of your car battery. Terminals can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda and water. Scrub the terminals with it, rinse it and dry with a clean cloth.
  • Check the battery condition regularly. It maximizes the life of it. You need to monitor the output voltage of the battery using a battery tester.

When you take care of the car for routine tune-up, do not forget the battery. It is an essential component. Call assistance if you find any signs of trouble. It will save bigger problems later.

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