Can termites be treated permanently?

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termites adelaide

Termites Adelaide

Experts warn that it could be disastrous to ignore the first warning signs of termites. Yes, they increase their population quite fast and cause harm to valuable things.

The presence of Termites Adelaide can be identified by hollow-sounding wood or mud tubes. You need to be a little vigilant.

People across the world spend billions of dollars on termite control and repair. The earlier you identify the infestation, the faster you can control them.

Is it possible to get rid of them completely? Yes, indeed. It is possible if you know the problem early and you treat it well.

How to treat termites permanently?

Here are some effective treatments. However, we should not forget that no treatment can be a one-point solution. You have to try and test more than one Termite Treatment Adelaide.

Termite barrier

You can search for an effective termiticide in the market. There are many. In the conventional approach, you need to create a barrier by applying it to the exterior of the home.

These termiticides cannot be detected by termites. Therefore, they do not avoid it. They die after eating the treated material. Termiticide works like viruses. When one termite comes into its contact, it carries and spreads to others.

Chemical treatment

You can use termite foams for a localized Termite Control Adelaide. Spray it directly into voids, cracks, and crevices where you suspect termites.

It is odorless. The foam evaporates eventually and leaves behind a residue. When termites get into contact with this, they die immediately.

The effect of foam lasts for one or two months. Then you have to reapply for it.

Experts say that it is a very good solution for minor infestation of termites.


Bait is one more proven method for termite control. You have to install these baits around the perimeter of the foundation of your home.

It attracts foraging termites. Bait has a slow-acting toxin, which interrupts the natural growth of termites.

Helpful nematodes

What are nematodes? They are segmented, microscopic roundworms, which are natural parasites to termites. Nematode burrows into the host and releases bacteria that create poison in the blood of termites.

Spot treatment

This method is useful when the termite problem is not severe. You can drill and fill holes with termiticide. Use putty or wood patch to close up the holes.

These are some methods to get rid of termite nuisance permanently. You have to choose the most applicable method.

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