Pergola Designs – So Many Choices! But Which is Best?

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Pergolas Adelaide

Does pergolas Adelaide provide shelter from the sun, wind, or rains? Is that the only utility of it? No, it is much beyond that. It extends the living space of the home. It adds value to its aesthetics. It makes your premises more lavish. This outdoor structure with a flat roof increases the indoor area. You spend some of the most memorable moments there. Hence, you must spend some time in choosing the best pergola designs and choose one that you like the most.

Three things you need to check:

  • The orientation of pergola-in which direction is it facing?
  • What is your preferred material? Wood, glass, fiber, or metal?
  • How much is the budget?

Are you going to make it DIY or hire a contractor? Is there any approval required from a planning commissioner or building inspector? Once all these things are clarified, you should go ahead with picking the right pergola design.

Southwestern Style

Rugged beams are used for making this courtyard-style patio. It is cool inside. Hence, you need not spend on air-conditioning. It looks contemporary yet traditional. When erected on a poolside, it is certainly clean, inviting space.

Louvered Pergola

Since the roof is adjustable, you can make changes as per your requirement of light and outdoor space. Usually, it is attached to the property. Hence, it is the perfect place to hang out during the hot summer months. The color combination can be light or dark; it is your choice. The roof is retractable and adjustable.

Cantilevered Pergola

When you need some extra shade over a particular place in the garden or near the pool, there is nothing better than timber pergolas adelaide. Even if its design is simple, your backyard gets an amazingly good appeal. This design works well in most of the outdoor spaces.

Pool & Deck

This design makes use of wires and wood. Hence, it is ideal for growing climbing plants. When it develops well, you have a beautiful lush green natural shade. Since it is situated near the pool, there is more tropical touch to it.


Whether your space is covered or open, it can attract people when there is a freestanding pergola; it attracts due to the beauty and simplicity. Your poolside shelter looks good. Moreover, it is relatively cheaper and doesn’t need maintenance. Choose any of these ideas to build a superb pergola.

Adelaide Pergolas specialise in the design and construction of timber framed Pergolas, Carports, trex decking and Hardwood Decking.

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