5 Best Experienced Lawyers in the Adelaide Area

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Once it is finalized that you will have to hire a lawyer in Adelaide Areas, the next question is to whom you select? A lawyer practicing law represents you in court proceedings. He also takes part in drafting the legal documents and negotiating the terms and conditions with the other party & lawyer. Since he is expert in dealing with matters related to criminal, defense, family, divorce, wills, estate, probate, traffic  and so on, you do not need to be worried about anything. There from our lawyer list you can select the best lawyer for your case.

ORB Lawyer:

ORB Lawyers is there for you when you need competent, sound legal advice to guide you through all matters of family, criminal, wills and employment law. At ORB Lawyers you will have access to our friendly team of professionals who are driven to provide outstanding service to all our clients, both new and existing.

Evans Testa Barristers & Solicitors:

Here at Evans Testa Barristers and Solicitors we appreciate that, although we deal with legal matters every day, many of our clients may not. We conduct ourselves, and our clients’ matters, in line with our core values. Whether you require a family lawyer, divorce lawyer, criminal lawyer, civil lawyer, defence lawyer, wills lawyer, personal injury lawyer or commercial lawyer, we are there to help you.

Liptak Lawyer:

We have handled a wide range of criminal cases in our time. We attend court regularly throughout the week and are familiar with the Judges and know best how to approach them to achieve the best results.

Andersons Solicitors:

Established by the late Paul Anderson in 1968, we commenced as Anderson, Evans & Co. By the early 1970s we expanded into the Adelaide CBD, and in 1976 our now Chief Operations Officer, Dion McCaffrie began his lifelong career with us as an article clerk. In 1982 we were joined by our now Managing Partner, Garry Palasis, who remains the driving force behind our commercial practice.

Mangan Ey & Associates:

One of Adelaide’s oldest and experienced specialist criminal law firms, Mangan Ey & Associates was formed in 1982 when current Managing Partner Stephen Ey amalgamated with John Mangan, now deceased, and Julie Bishop, former Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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