What is the Australian Government Solar Rebate?

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Australian Government Solar Rebate

With environmental benefits, when comes the monetary benefits; nothing can get better than that! Such is an instance of the Australian Government Solar Rebate offering financial incentives and rebates to install solar panels.

What is STC?

Primarily known as the small-scale renewable energy scheme, the federal government offers you a small-scale technology certificate or STC. As the electricity retailers buy these to meet the renewable energy obligations, you receive money for each certificate. Through this, Australians buying solar PV systems acquire a substantial rate on the upfront cost.

STCs are traded for the upfront discount to the final cost based on the small scale technology certificates. These comprise a dollar value, which tends to vary depending on the market, the industry, and the government. STC’s are given based on the volume of the solar PV system. The system gets granted every year on January 1st.

How to acquire a solar panel rebate?

For claiming the rebate, households need to approve and accredit the solar panels system and the components. The accredited solar installer is also able to vouch on behalf of the household to acquire the reduction. The installers assist you in finding an ideal solar power system catered to your energy needs.

Australian Government Solar Rebate 2021

With the New Year ringing in, 2021 is here to announce its solar rebate scheme. The solar rebate calculator is beneficial in acquiring an idea of the amount of reduction taking place. The highest value that the STCs can attain is $40, with the lowest being $0.

With a spot price of $37.25-$39.95 in 2020 and $37.25-$37.75 over the last month, the solar panel rebate has not incurred much of a difference. Although the charges vary depending on the cities, however, the program remains the same. When you get a quick quote, make sure you address essential queries such as the upfront cost, the updated price for STC, and much more.

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