Are Palm Trees Easy to Remove?

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Are Palm Trees Easy to Remove?

Methods For Removing A Palm Tree

Palm trees add great aesthetic value to the garden. Then why should you think about removing them? Well, at times, situations turn in such a manner when you have to take this tough decision.

It may happen due to some safety reasons. Or, it is because the tree is infected by some pest or disease. Sometimes, you have to remove the tree because it becomes a hurdle for certain land developments.

But you need to remember that a palm tree removal is different from a normal tree removal. You need a specialist for that. Hence, you need to dial the number of a Palm Tree Removal Adelaide specialist.

By using their specialized knowledge, a tree removal specialist can do it easily.

When should you call a palm tree removal specialist?

Once you’ve decided that you want to remove the palm tree, you should consider the season. According to experts, the best time to remove a palm tree is in late winter or early spring. It is because after that new growth begins.

But you may have to call an emergency Palm Tree Removal Adelaide expert if you have to remove the palm tree due to safety reasons. They can advise on the current state of the palm tree.

How is the palm tree removed?

Removing a palm tree is a tough operation and it requires several tools. A specialist takes the following steps before that:

  • Specialists check the current health of the palm tree. If there is any rodent or insect infestation, then they need to be removed immediately.
  • Palm trees are very heavy and dense. Therefore, it is mandatory to use safety equipment while cutting tree.
  • Also, the roots of a palm tree are very extensive. Special efforts are needed to ensure that the roots are completely removed.
  • A common method to remove a palm tree physically is to use a chainsaw. It cuts the trunk into small pieces so that they can be removed from top to bottom. But the crown is removed first.

Palm trees have an extensive root system. They can reach as far as 20 feet deep. It is a big challenge to remove it. Your arborist will have to ensure that each root is destroyed, and regrowth will not happen again.

In the segmenting process, the trunk of the palm is removed first. Starting from the top, the segmented pieces of the trunk are removed and lowered.

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