Advice when Choosing Bathroom Tiles

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Tips for Choosing Best Tiles for Your Bathroom

Tiles play an important role because they determine the appearance and beauty of your home. When several choices are available, you need to be particular about them. As far as bathroom tiles Melbourne is a concern, you have to be specific about their material, shape, and size. It is because these tiles are exposed more to humidity and moisture. Also, they face changes in temperature also. Hence, you should choose carefully.

Here are some easy tips to pick the best suitable bathroom tiles Melbourne.

First, calculate approximate quantity

Yes, it is important to estimate the number of tiles before you choose. How many times will you need in total? It is important to calculate separately for the walls, flooring, and accent tiles in case you want to create some features.

Determine how much money you want to spend

It is very important to have an approximate budget for the renovation of your bathroom. Based on that, you can pick tiles that fall within your affordable price range. Accent tiles are more expensive than floor tiles. Therefore, you will have to spend more on it even if their number is less than other tiles.

The material

The next important aspect is the material. When you search for the best-quality bathware Melbourne, there are numerous choices. Bathroom tiles are available in porcelain, natural, stone, glass, mosaic, ceramic, and so on. Since your bathroom is prone to get slippery when wet, you should choose matte finish or textured tiles. Nowadays, special anti-skid tiles are available for good grip and higher safety.  Never use glass tiles for bathrooms as they are quite slippery.

Ceramics and porcelain are popular because they are durable and easy to clean and maintain. You can find matte, glossy, and satin finishes in a wide range of designs. Materials such as terracotta, cement, and natural stone require a lot of maintenance because they are porous. You need periodic sealing.

Decide the Color

The final consideration is, of course, the color of the tiles. You need to have a color scheme in mind before purchasing tiles. It makes the selection process easier and faster. You can choose a “mix and match” combination of contrasting colors.

For small and compact bathrooms, lighter colors are preferred. They give a spacious look. The choice of gloss finish on the walls will be good. These tiles reflect light and make the space look brighter.

Choose these tips to pick the perfect tiles for the bathroom.

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