5 Ways Window Tinting for Your Home Will Save You Money

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Window tinting is the buzzword nowadays among st homeowners. If you think that it is unreasonably expensive, then you are mistaken.

It is possible to tint the windows in a few bucks. Moreover, the money you save on energy spending is the payback of the cost.

Window tinting is the perfect solution for every residential and commercial site.

What is window tinting?

It is when you apply a thin film on the inside of your windows. The film blocks harmful UV rays, provides privacy, and maintains the internal temperature.

How does tinting help you with saving? Here are five unique ways it does it.

Five Unique Ways Window Tinting For Your Home

#1 It keeps the home warm during winters

A large chunk (around 30 percent) of the household energy bill is for keeping your home warm in the chilling winter season.

It means the one-third of your utility bill is because the heat escapes from the windows. When you tint the windows, this heat gets trapped inside the house.

You save a great deal of money.

#2 It keeps the heat out

Window tints are not just good in blocking UV rays, but it keeps heat out during the scorching season of summer.

Thanks to the window tint, you needn’t run the air-conditioner as much during the hot season. You save money and prevent excessive usage of the AC unit.

#3 Tinting is a cost-effective option than installing new windows

If you are experiencing quite high heat loss or gain because of windows, then buying new energy-efficient is a common recommendation.

However, a cheaper and equally effective alternative is to do window tinting. You cut back on energy costs without spending extravagantly.

#4 Protection of your assets

Harsh rays of the sun cause much more harm than you imagine. Everything, the carpet, rugs, furniture, and flooring, gets the hit.

Estimates say that around 50 to 60 percent of the damage to the furniture over time is due to the sun rays.

Window tints block 99 percent of the UV rays. Hence, the furniture and other things remain intact for a long time.

#5 High return on investment

How does window tinting give a higher return on investment? It is an energy-efficient choice.

Experts say that, on an average, the cost incurred on window tinting is repaid within three years of installation. It is quite an impressive figure.

If we consider the average life of windows for 10 years, then it is a 7 years’ worth of saving.

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