5 Signs That Your Hot Water System Needs A Replacement

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Hot Water System

When should you replace the Hot water system Adelaide in your home? Should you call a repair service or replace the system? Well, the decision is not always easy.

You need to keep a close watch on the symptoms of the problem. The problems get unnoticed sometimes. But there are some indications that one must look at.

5 Signs to look out for Hot Water System Replacement

In this blog, we will talk about five important signs that your hot water system requires a replacement. If you sense them timely, then you can act accordingly.

If the system is old

How old is your hot water system? Typically, a system lasts around 8 to 10 years. If the system is older than that, then you need a new Hot water Adelaide system. Knowing the age of the system should help you to estimate when to replace it.

Only if the system is in a good condition, then it can work well after repair if the age of the system is ten years. However, you should not forget that the rule of ten years is not applicable if the number of users is more.

If the water tank leaks

Is your water heating system leaking? If there is evident leakage or you observe some standing water around it, then you should call an emergency plumber Adelaide. A leaking tank will require a full replacement if the age of the tank is more than 10 years, and the leak is big.

For a minor leak, you should call a plumber and get the leak repaired.

If the temperature is less

The thermostat regulates the temperature of water from the heater. It will deliver hot water based on the thermostat setting. When you change the setting from hot to cold, but the temperature doesn’t change, you should change the thermostat.

If there is rust and corrosion

When there is rusting and corrosion in the water tank, it is an indication that the lifespan of the system is over. You should call an expert plumber to repair the Hot water system Adelaide. If the tank is damaged greatly, then it should be replaced.

If there is noise in the system

When your water heating system makes some noise, you need a plumber.  The noise is produced by sediments that pile up in the tank. Sediments not only cause noise, but it corrodes the system.

Keep a close watch on the hot water system and decide whether you need a replacement or not.

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