5 Reasons Not to Have a New Roof Installed Over an Old Roof

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When you feel that the condition of the roof has deteriorated extensively, and you need reroofing, you must NEVER install a new roof over the old one. Yes, many people do it in an attempt to reduce the cost.

Even some roofing Adelaide companies also do not see any difficulty with the method, and they suggest it to homeowners. It is a wrong practice. Why is it a big ‘No-No’? Well, read these five reasons and you will know it.

You reduce the life of the roof

When another layer is laid over an existing roof, the life expectancy of the newly installed roof drops by 20 percent. Is it worth doing this? The cost you save on avoiding the demolition of the old roof is not a real ‘saving’ then. The new roof will show wear and tear 20 percent earlier than expected.

Moreover, you will have to spend double to remove two layers of roofing next time.

Problems in the existing roof worsen further

There could be several structural problems in the existing roof. They will remain unattended if you install another layer above it. There could be a rotten roof, broken shingles, gaps, cracks, or holes. All these issues will be there hidden underneath, and they will worsen due to aging.

Whether it is a wooden roof, metallic roof, or concrete roof; it is not a great idea to simply lay another layer of a roof above the old one.

Leakage in the roof remains unattended

If you are facing a leakage issue, then it is mandatory to correct the problem first. Once the issue gets resolved, you should go for roof leak repair. During the repair and maintenance, it will be figured out that where is the leak originated from? Then the team will fill the gaps and make it waterproof again.  Now the roof is ready for reroofing.

If you install the new roof over it, then there is a possibility of water seeping through the layers and coming inside.

You put an extra burden on the structure

The structure of your roof is made for bearing the weight of one roof, not two. By installing another roof, you put unwanted load. The right way is to remove the existing roof first.

You cannot give attention to rakes, valleys, and eaves

It is important to give attention to eaves, valleys, and racks when you install the new roof. It does not happen when the old roof is kept intact.

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