5 Mistakes to avoid when tinting a car

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5 Mistakes to avoid when tinting a car

Tinting your car windows can enhance its aesthetics and provide practical benefits, but it’s essential to avoid common mistakes for a successful tinting experience. Here are five mistakes to steer clear of when tinting your car, brought to you by Supatint, a leading name in car window tinting in Melbourne.

Overlooking Legal Compliance:

A common error involves disregarding local legal regulations related to window tinting. Each region has distinct laws specifying the permissible darkness of tint on various windows. Supatint underscores the significance of adhering to these regulations to prevent legal issues and potential fines.

Choosing the Wrong Tint Type and Shade:

Selecting the right tint type and shade is crucial. There are various tint films available, such as dyed, metalized, and ceramic tints, each offering different benefits. Additionally, tint films come in different shades measured by the percentage of light they allow. Supatint recommends considering your preferences and functional requirements when choosing the type and shade of tint.

Neglecting UV Protection:

One of the main reasons for car window tinting is UV protection. Quality tint films can block a significant percentage of harmful UV rays, safeguarding both occupants and the car’s interior from sun damage. Supatint advises choosing tint options explicitly mentioning their UV-blocking capabilities.

Overlooking Heat Reduction:

Melbourne’s climate can bring hot and sunny days, making heat reduction a crucial factor. High-quality window tinting can significantly reduce the heat entering your car, creating a more comfortable driving experience. Supatint recommends considering ceramic tints known for their excellent heat-rejecting properties.

Opting for DIY Installation:

While DIY tinting kits are available, opting for professional installation services is highly recommended. Supatint stresses that professional installers possess the expertise to ensure precise and seamless tint application. Professional installation not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also guarantees the longevity and effectiveness of the tint.


In conclusion, for a successful and compliant car window tinting experience, trust Supatint in Melbourne. Avoid common mistakes and contact us for expert services that meet legal standards and exceed expectations. Your valuable investment is in reliable hands.

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