5 Different Types Of Recliners

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Different Types of Recliners

Different Types of Recliners

When you want to sit back and enjoy the beautiful evening in a reclining chair, you expect the maximum comfort.

However, the idea of having a conventional fluffy and heavy two-position recliner doesn’t thrill to bits. Indeed, it is a classic thing that has been admired by people for ages; you need something unique and different.

Well, don’t worry about it. Here are some different types of recliners to make you happy.

  • Rocking recliner

It looks like the classic two-position recliner, but it comes with a twist. It silently rocks or glides in quiet, smooth motion.

The rocking recliner is perfect for relaxing, reading books, watching TV, or having a discussion over a coffee. It is a Rockstar, indeed!

  • Power recliner

This motorized recliner with a push button is ideal for those who have physical limitations. It is also ideal for older adults or people having knee problems.

A variety of choices is there to choose the best power recliner. You can customize it to cater to the particular needs.

  • Pushback recliner

Do you remember the classing wing-back chair in a parlor? It is available in the form of a recliner as well.

As the name suggests, you can push the back of it until the necessary recline is achieved. It doesn’t have levers or cords. Therefore, you can keep it anywhere.

Some recliners have a value-added feature of massage. It relaxes you and gives the utmost comfort.

  • Theatre recliner

It is comfy and easy to operate recliner with an ability to hold your snacks and coffee. Silent recline is the differentiating characteristic of it.

A theatre recliner is ideal for keeping in the balcony, poolside, or in the gazebo. It is not ideal for the living room.

The size and shape of it make it ideal for long sittings. You don’t feel any discomfort even if you sit there for

  • Recliners with storage arms

Why should you have storage arms or storage pockets in the back or both sides? Well, you can keep many things there.

These reclines are quite useful for elderly people. They can keep things within reach. Also, your living room or guestroom remains free from clutter.

Since a large spectrum of recliners is there, it is essential to check the features and services of each one before you decide. Make sure it fulfills all your expectations so that there is total satisfaction from the product.

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