4 Causes Blocked Drains Adelaide Solutions

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4 Causes Blocked Drains Adelaide Solutions

Blocked Drains Adelaide

A blocked drain is a situation that puts you in dire straits. Your search for the nearest plumber in a hurry, and are ready to spend anything to get the problem resolved quickly.

Even you are a sincere person, who avoids every single reason that causes blocked drain, you experience the problem after a few years.

For those, who do not know the basic reasons behind blocked drains, the problem erupts as a surprise.

For such people, this blog explains the four prominent reasons for blocked drains. If you avoid them, then the drainage system will work without any issue for many years.

#1 Leaves and debris

When there are several trees around, you enjoy their presence. Not only do they enhance the appearance but also cools down the ambiance temperature. Trees bring down your power bill. But they bring some nuisance as well.

Dried leaves and debris get accumulated in the drainage pipes and cause major obstruction.

Sometimes, tree roots may cause the pipes to crack over a period and create a blockage.

#2 Hair

Many people do not even imagine that hair might cause blockage in the drainpipes. They seem delicate, but the build-up of hair down a plug can cause havoc. It will stop water from passing through the pipes.

You have to call the plumber and get the blockage cleared.

Experts recommend that one should regularly check for an accumulation of hair.

#3 Fat

Fat and grease are other common reasons that causes blockage in the drainpipes. There are many sources of that. When we wash the utensils that contain fat or oil, the fatty substances attach to the inside of the pipes.

It starts accumulating gradually. The accumulation happens with such a slow speed, that you cannot recognize it. You realize it one fine morning when the kitchen sink gets overflown.

You call the plumber to resolve the problem. He cleans the pipes and resolves the issue completely.

#4 Foreign objects

It happens rarely, but it happens. By chance, some foreign objects get into the drainage system, then water will not flow properly. Sometimes, sanitary pads, nappies, or small objects get flushed accidentally.

Toilet papers are made for flushing. However, long-term use can cause blockage in the drainpipe.

You have to call the best plumber around to clear blocked drains. He will assess the problem and suggest the best possible solution.

Call a decent plumber for a blocked drain problem.

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