2023 Bathroom Design Trends, You Need to Know

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2023 Bathroom Design Trends, You Need to Know

Your bathroom is the most important place in your home because you perform self-care. Modern bathroom designs in Melbourne follow some exciting design trends.

When people choose to update their bathroom, they want to make it modern and trendy. The newest design styles will give it a refresh.

Here in this blog, we are presenting a few exciting bathroom trends.

Metallic tones will rule

Design experts say that in the year 2023, warm, metallic tones will have an edge over neutral and earthy tones. For example, a brushed bronze finish will be preferred. Similarly, gold and brass colors will also get precedence. The winning idea will be a contemporary design and contrasting warm metallic tones.

However, the customers will demand brushed shades of this and not polished ones.

Even while designing laundry renovations Melbourne, metallic tones will enhance the appearance.

Freestanding baths

If you look at five-star luxury bathrooms, then freestanding models are becoming very much popular. This design choice has gained popularity for self-care. People think that it will give a better opportunity to spend time incomplete relaxation.

Also, it gives an illusion of more space and helps with ventilation. So, there is no chance of the growth of mold, fungi, or mildew.

The new trend is Spathroom and not Bathroom

Those, who can afford these must go for it. What is the meaning of Spathroom? It is nothing but a Spa-inspired bathroom. This is a leading trend today. By using Spathroom you can perform self-care in a luxurious form.

When you install a bathroom with luxurious spa facilities, it turns into a full-fledged spa. There are warm textures and fabrics to give a cozy feel. There are shower curtains and upholstery, scalloped blinds, and artwork that add softness to the room.

Modern designer bathrooms Melbourne are stylish and sleek. They will add value to your home.

Small space solutions

When floor space is premium, you should make use of the vertical space in the most optimal manner. For that, you need larger fixtures on the walls. In the traditional bathrooms, a lot of space was taken up by having either freestanding fittings or floor mounted.

However, nowadays, they come in wall-mounted styles. Lifting everything up off the ground will offer more space on the floor. Your bathroom looks bigger.

Whether it is about kitchen renovations Melbourne or bathroom redesigning, it is important to give requirement specifications in detail.

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