10 Tips for Living in a Share House

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10 Tips For Living In A Share House

Life in a share house in Adelaide? Hmm, that sounds fun but is it? Here are 10 tips to make it fun in real!

Tips for living in a shared house

1. Get the papers right

First things, first: you need to get the legal papers of your tenancy right on the very first day. This is to make sure you’re not illegally occupying a shared house. Any problem in your legal papers can get you in a tight spot with both finances and housing problems.

2. Find good roommates

Adelaide student living asks for good flatmates in Adelaide, of course! For this, you need to do some research and try to find housemates with similar lifestyles and personalities. Generally, look for people who have a similar vibe to yours and are easy to communicate with.

3. Make some house rules

Once you’ve got your crew together,  have a chat and set some ground rules for your house share Adelaide. This could cover things like guests, noise levels, cleaning chores, and food sharing.

4. Be sure to communicate effectively

Open communication is essential in any share house in Adelaide. Talk to your housemates about any issues, big or small. Don’t let problems fester—address them calmly and respectfully.

5. Distribute chores carefully

To make sure that everyone takes turns keeping the house clean, make a cleaning roster. Depending on the chore, this could be a weekly or a fortnight rotation.

6. Some food rules too

It is never a good thing to help yourself with somebody else’s dinner or meal plan. Make a list of all the nursery groceries that everybody agrees to, and if you need something else in particular, store them separately. It is always good to delegate a common budget for food and take turns while cooking.

7. Mind everyone’s space

There should be certain rules to make sure everybody gets their space. Be mindful of your housemates’ need for some peace and quiet. Knock before entering bedrooms and be considerate of noise levels, especially late at night.

8. Be a tidy tenant

Clean up after yourself in shared spaces like the kitchen and bathroom. Nobody wants to dodge a pile of dirty dishes on their way to make a cuppa!

9. Guest rules

If you’re planning a party or having a guest stay,  check with your housemates first. Be mindful of noise levels and respect everyone’s right to peace and quiet.

10. Backup for emergencies

Emergencies happen! Keeping backup supplies like fire extinguishers, First Aid boxes, emergency medications, and extra supplies always helps.

All these 10 tips will help you plan a move easily with good flatmates in Adelaide!

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