Common Myths About Criminal Law You Shouldn’t Believe

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Common Myths About Criminal Law You Shouldn't Believe

Criminal lawyers play a critical role in handling cases that are related to criminal cases. If you have been in trouble with laws and law enforcement, it is essential that the information you get about how the justice system works well.

Are there any common myths about criminal law? Here are some of them.

Common Criminal Law Myths

Your Statements Cannot Be Used Against You

People often assume that nothing they say can be used against them in court if a police officer.

It is a fact that law enforcement officers are legally obligated to read you your rights when they arrest you.

Any statement made by you at any point before you are arrested can still be used against you in a court of law.

If you are arrested and interrogated by an officer, and in case the officer has not read your rights, then statements made by you may be incriminating and are subject to exclusion from a trial. However, even if the court throws out your statements, your case can still be continued.

What are common myths about a criminal lawyer in Adelaide?

Evidence cannot be used when the police do not have any search warrant

Ask a criminal defence lawyer about this myth and you will know the reality. It is true that a warrant is necessary to perform searches in many cases, but there are some exceptions.

These situations do not always require a warrant. Each of them should meet legal standards and needs.

If these requirements are not met prior to the occurrence of the search, then a court may not allow evidence.

You don’t need a lawyer when you are pleading guilty

It is a dangerous myth that many people have in their mind. Remember, if you decide to accept a plea bargain, you need to confirm that it is the best offer.

A criminal defense attorney will have the knowledge and skill necessary to get a reduced sentence if it possible. Even to have the charge against you get reduced to a lower one.

Therefore, even if you are pledging guilty, you need a seasoned lawyer in Adelaide.


When you are in an unfortunate situation of a criminal case, the only thing you need is a criminal lawyer. Make sure you pick a legal expert. The common myths about criminal cases should be overcome by calling a legal adviser. He can explain to you about the top myths and confusion about criminal cases and laws.

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