Why is my garage door struggling to open?

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Why is my garage door struggling to open?

When the garage door does not open properly, there could be many reasons behind that. The first thing you should do is to check the reason. But if you are not a techno-savvy person, then you should dial the contact number of a garage roller door repair Adelaide.

The professional garage door repair company will look into its problem and resolve the problem by giving the right solution.

Before fixing the garage door opener, as mentioned, the door repair company will check the probable reasons.

4 reasons why your garage door won’t open

#1. The safety sensor is misaligned

It is popularly known as Photo Eye. This safety sensor is helpful in detecting the person or object in the way of the door. If this sensor is misaligned, then you will hear a clicking sound but the door will not open.

Cleaning of the photo eye will help if there is an accumulation of dust or dirt. If there are two faces aligned face-to-face across each side of the garage door, then the problem can be resolved by removing larger obstructions.

There could be an issue with the wiring or the LED light.

#2. Misaligned tracks

When the automatic garage door opener activates, the cables maneuver the door physically. The speed of the door is controlled using the strings.

If there is a misalignment in the tracks, then the door will not open. You need to call a service that repairs garage roller door in Adelaide.

A slight misalignment on the track could slow down the movement of the garage door. While operating the door if you hear any grinding or whining noise, then it is a sign of a problem with the door.

#3. Broken tension springs

It is one of the major reasons behind the problem in opening and closing the garage door. If there is a broken spring, then you need to call roller door repairs Adelaide. Garage tension spring store mechanical energy that controls the movement of the garage door.

With use, tension springs get wear and tear, and it causes trouble in opening or closing the door.

#4. Disconnected or Broken Remote Control

An automatic garage door is controlled with a wall-mounted panel or remote control. To open your garage door, you need to push a button on the panel or the remote control. The remote control sends a signal to the garage door opener for opening or closing the garage.

You need to find out the reasons behind the garage door struggling to open.

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