Tips For The Best Wood Oven Pizza In Adelaide

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wood pizza oven Adelaide

Best Wood Oven Pizza In Adelaide

You need to understand the working mechanism of a wood-fired pizza oven before you make the decision of buying one. The goal is to prepare an evenly baked, smoky pizza that offers a lip-smacking taste to your guests.

There are several service providers that offer wood oven pizza Adelaide at a reasonable cost. If you want to give it a try before buying, then it is a good choice.

What makes a wood-fired oven successful? When you cook food, three types of energies are released in an oven.

  • The fire bricks transfer head in the cooking base through conductive heat transfer.
  • The refractory dome releases radiant heat to the food.
  • The fresh air combines with the chimney and provides convection heat.

To get the best output from your oven, please read the tips given by expert chefs here.

Burning tips

  • Always use seasoned, dry wood to heat the oven. Make sure the wood is free from chemicals, paint, or glue.
  • Start the fire by lighting softwood first. It catches fire easily and raises the temperature high enough to ignite the hardwood.
  • The best kindling size is 2 to 3 centimeters.
  • Keep the door open a little while firing. You can use fire starters.
  • The dome becomes gray when the temperature reaches 350 degrees Celsius or more.
  • The ‘flour test’ is carried out to check the temperature. Throw a handful of flour in the oven. If it burns instantly, then the temperature is high. Remove some fire and test again. Ideally, the flour should take 10 seconds to turn brown.

Caring tips

Whether you buy one or choose wood oven pizza hire in Adelaide, it is essential to take good care of it. Keep the door closed and place a cap on the flue when the oven is not in use.

When the oven is red hot, all the spilled food, grease, and oils, bacteria, and bugs will burn off. Use a wire brush to clean the debris.

Do not burn wet wood or green wood as it will cause a lot of smoke. Do not use treated wood. It creates more smoke and less heat.

Never burn trash, charcoal, rubber, paint, or plastic.

When you make the decision to wood fired pizza oven hire Adelaide, choose a reliable and well-known company. The quality of the oven makes a big difference in the quality of pizzas you bake.

Pick the best oven and enjoy fluffy, well-baked pizzas.

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