Should I Change Criminal Lawyer in My Criminal Law Court Case?

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Indeed, you take maximum efforts to hire an attorney who can defend the case well. However, at times, you find the need to change the lawyer. You do not need the approval of the court to do it. However, you must have a valid reason to do it. what are the things that will indicate the need to change the criminal lawyer Adelaide? The blog touches on some important things about it.

Why Should You Change The Lawyer?

You should do it when you are dissatisfied with the lawyer because of many reasons. The lawyer doesn’t give personal attention to the case or when the defendant realizes that the lawyer is not familiar with the case. Sometimes, the feels that the defence lawyer Adelaide is drawing out the case without any reason by requesting multiple continuances. There is no need for the defendant to show good cause for switching attorneys. It is the right of the defendant, which is not questionable. Is there any possibility of the judge presiding over the case doesn’t permit the defendant to hire a new criminal lawyer? Yes, it is possible. For example, the defendant wishes to hire a new attorney just before the trial. However, it may work against the prosecutor. Or when the defendant has changed the lawyer earlier also, and the judge feels that one more change will delay the trial. The judge allows changing if he finds that the lawyer is unable to investigate the case or fails to file meritorious motions to exclude evidence, and this act could harm the case.

Alternatives For Changing The Lawyer

What is the replacement to change a criminal lawyer? Well, if the defendant wants to change the lawyer just because he is not feeling comfortable, then it is better to establish communication again. Many times, things get resolved just by seeking the opportunity to communicate. Suppose the lawyer has requested a continuance just because of a scheduling conflict, or he wants some more time to prepare the case, then it has to be communicated to the client. If it does not happen, then there is a scope for misunderstanding. In short, changing a lawyer may not be the best alternative, always. Instead, it would be a negative thing from the perspective of the case. By keeping the communication channels open, such situations can be avoided. However, if the defendant thinks that changing the criminal lawyer is the only solution, then there is no legal issue in doing that.

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