Roller Shutters Maintenance: Tips and Tricks

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Roller Shutter Repairs in Adelaide

Roller Shutter Maintenance Tips

Roller shutters play an important role in securing our homes. And therefore, knowing the basic roller shutter maintenance tips is critical. They not just offer security but have many other features that enhance the appearance of your premises. Regular maintenance will increase the longevity.

Like any other machinery, roller shutters are prone to failure over time. Also, there could be safety hazards if the plantation shutters in Adelaide malfunction. It is the reason you should perform a periodic maintenance schedule.

Experts say that the majority of the problems in roller shutters are smaller in magnitude, and they can be resolved fast. But if ignored, these issues get bigger and cause you higher expenses.

Always check for wear and tear

Your shutters need to be regularly inspected and repaired to ensure their proper functioning. They will gradually get worn down, due to grit, dirt, or broken parts. However, they are always under tension and may cause injury if mishandled. You need to ensure that tracks are always clean to prevent the door from getting stuck in one position.

Check for loose components

Are there any loose components in the roller shutter? If yes, then you should check the fixings and bolts first. It will make them safe for use. Whenever there is something loose, then fasten it. Call the roller shutter repairs in Adelaide if you feel that the problem is beyond your control and expertise.

You will have to call an expert to correct the issue.

Check the Balance of shutters

If the balance of roller shutters gets disturbed, then they will not function well. It will hardly take 10 to 20 minutes and their life will get extended. Experts can check and repair outdoor blinds in Adelaide to correct the balance of shutters.

Preventative Maintenance tips

When you are a shutter owner, it is essential that you perform regular maintenance for the shutters. Also, it is important to schedule periodic maintenance by signing a maintenance contract. In the contract document, the periodicity of inspection is defined.


You should provide maintenance to roller shutters because it enhances performance and extends their life. A time-to-time check and examination will prevent you from further expenses. If a problem is not detected in time, then it becomes a bigger issue.

When you assign the task of annual maintenance to a service provider, then things become easy. The experts come regularly and see if there is any problem with the shutters. If problems are found, then they are fixed.

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