Checklist of things to do when moving

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Checklist of things to do when moving

Whether you move within the state or interstate, you will end up with a lot of tiredness and frustration. Indeed, it is a taxing task. But it can be made simple by hiring expert interstate removalists. They are experts and carry experience in handling several such activities.

Therefore, they will come prepared with a team. Quickly, things will be sorted out. Within a moment, you will be surrounded by cardboard boxes, properly sealed and marked.

However, if you are not going to call any mover interstate and do everything yourself (probably because the size of the relocation is small), then it is essential to be prepared well.

The best thing is to make a checklist. If there is a list of tasks, then you will not miss anything.

Here in this blog, you get an idea of what things to be included in the checklist

Things to be done six months before movement

  • Sort the things and purge everything that is unwanted.
  • Get the list of local movers.
  • Make a moving binder that contains all the estimates, receipts, and inventory.
  • Get the school records organized.

This is a list representing typical tasks that you have to finish two-three months before. It is not a comprehensive list. You can prepare one as per your need.

Things to be done two months before the movement

  • You should order supplies if you are not calling a mover. If you have heavy furniture, then it is recommended that you should call interstate furniture removals. Supplies include packing tape, recycled boxes, permanent markers, bubble sheets, and so on.
  • Use things that you can use. Otherwise, dispose of or give them to someone. Typically, perishable stuff or cleaning material is not taken to the new place.
  • Give away all unwanted stuff. Do not take anything that has not been used for two years. You will never use it again.

Things to be done one month before the movement

  • Close bank accounts or initiate the process of account transfer.
  • Clear all your local dues.
  • Pack the suitcases and empty all cupboards one week before the move.
  • Switch the refrigerator off. Let it defrost.
  • Coordinate with the movers and ensure that they arrive timely. Confirm their arrival and whether they have the right address or not.

Things to be done on the day of movement

If you have hired a mover, then you have to do nothing. Everything will be done by them. Else, you have to follow the checklist.

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