Best Tile Cleaning Tips in Adelaide For Home

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Tile Cleaning Adelaide

When there is a stylish tiled floor in the house, you need to perform tile cleaning in Adelaide to maintain its charm. Of course, it requires fewer efforts to clean the tiles. Many people think that the surface of a tile doesn’t get affected by any cleaning agent. However, it is not true. If you use a harsh chemical, then it may damage the surface and make the tiles rough. Similarly, using hard brush may damage the grout and loosen the tiles. Want to know about the best cleaning tips? Here are some.

Cleaning Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

These tiles are resistant to dirt, but their surface may get damaged by grit or sand. Use mild detergent and clean water and an appropriate floor mop. Avoid using a sponge mop as it will push dirty water into the grout cleaning Adelaide. Harsh cleaners may cause discoloration. Make sure you do not leave soap residue as it will leave the surface hazy. Use a cleaner with a mild acid to remove the soap residue. Wipe the ceramic and porcelain tiles dry after cleaning.

Cleaning Stone Tiles

If the stone is natural, then you have to be extra cautious about the cleaners. Chemicals in traditional cleaners can damage the surface. Slate tiles can be cleaned using a mild detergent solution. Marble stone requires a lot of maintenance. Also, it is quite sensitive to acidic cleaners.  Make sure the outer surface doesn’t have scratches by hard bristles of the brush. Granite can be cleaned using mild detergent solution. Never use harsh acidic cleaning solutions on granite, as it may cause discoloration.

Cleaning Resilient Tiles

Resilient tiles are made from material such as linoleum, vinyl, rubber, or cork. These tiles give a smooth feeling to the feet, and they need the minimum maintenance. Here are some tips for cleaning resilient tiles. Vinyl is a highly resilient material. Hence, it is easiest to clean. You should vacuum up the debris and mop the floor using a mild solution of vinegar and water. Abrasive cleaners are not appropriate on vinyl. Also, avoid scrubbing the surface. Linoleum is different from vinyl; people consider them one, though. You get a special cleaning solution for linoleum tiles. You may use a mixture of borax and water also. Rinse the floor and dry it. These cleaning tips are generic. If you are not very much confident about cleaning, then it is better to call a tile cleaning expert in Adelaide.

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