10 Ways To Save On Air Conditioning Costs

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As the summers approach, we become worried about the air-conditioner. Yes, it should perform with maximum efficiency to keep the home cool. Else, it leaves you worried by having the electricity bill with a hefty amount.

Yes, the AC system will cause a spike in power consumption if it does not operate efficiently. Is there any possibility of keeping the power consumption in control? Well, here are 10 effective ways of doing that.

#1 Change your energy inefficient appliances

Nowadays, every appliance has a power-saving rating. Change all old appliances in your house that do not use energy efficiently. Star-rated appliances are a little costlier than normal appliances, but the long-term cost-saving compensates the additional cost.

#2 Maintain the AC system well

Servicing and maintenance increase efficiency and cuts down power consumption.

#3 Keep phantom loads the minimum

What is a phantom load? It is the load an appliance puts on the electrical supply when it is turned off. The electric grill, toaster, TV, and even mobile or laptop charger are examples. The more such devices will be there, they will generate heat.

#4 Set higher temperature in the night

Since nights are cool, you can set the temperature low. It will cut down the electricity bill significantly.

#5 Use fan for cooling

When you keep fans on while air-conditioning Adelaide, the cool air circulates throughout the room fast. It increases the efficiency and lowers the cooling cost by at least five to ten percent.

#6 Close all loopholes

Despite all your efforts to make the home leakproof, there are minor holes and leakage from where heating or cooling passes through. To prevent it, you have to closely monitor every corner.

#7 Make windows efficient

Windows glasses are usually thin. Moreover, there is only one glass pane. Efficient windows have two or three layers. Every layer of glass works as an air insulator and prevents heat transfer.

#8 Make the insulation better

By improving insulation, you reduce the burden on the AC system. Also, you save power.

#9 Go for SMART thermostat

There are various models of smart thermostats available today. They adjust to the ambiant temperature and start or switch off as per programming. Also, they keep the temperature at a reasonably steady level.

#10 Replace all lighting with LED bulbs LED lights are much more efficient than old ligh tings. Moreover, they do not emit any heat. Hence, do not cause load on the air-conditioning system. In any case, your home should not have filament bulbs that act as a source of heat.

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